Retro Game of the Week: Fire Emblem GBA

Hey, everyone!

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My name is Sin, I will write something occasionally here regarding retro gaming, gadgets info, etc. AAA gaming is not my cup of tea, haha, but don't worry, there will be other bloggers writing here to cover for that!

I plan to write a 30-sec reading every time.

Today I want to talk about a retro game on GBA that I keep playing these days.
It's Fire Emblem GBA version.
That's my personal preferences that I always love Fire Emblem on SNES or GameCube better as I don't like deformed chibi fightings...
I like real scale figures doing their fights which give impressions of real wars...
Fire Emblem GBA is doing great compared to other GBA titles.
The guys are not distorted much and they look good. Their moves are so smooth, too!
The character design is great, it features a female protagonist in the tutorial levels, which is awesome.
This game is easier than other Fire Emblem titles.
If you are new to this huge franchise, I suggest you picking this up as a beginner game.
You would fall in love with this franchise, soon, believe me! :)

The only weird part is that in this game you control a "strategist" instead of the heroes themselves. However, you still control the heroes when you play it. It just appears in the story that in fact you are the strategist travelling with the heroes.

Anyway, this game is great, I would give it a 8/10.

Lastly, let me introduce you guys the great device I used to play this retro game.
It's a handheld device that is designed for emulator gameplays.
Of course, it is advised that you should own the original game copies to grip the ROMs out. 

You can find the device here: