DEEPOON E2 Virtual Reality 1080p Headset for PC w/HDMI Cable

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DeePoon E2 is equipped with AMOLED screen with low afterglow, which makes the framerate smooth.
AMOLED screen can also protect the user's eyes with less harmful blue light.
The Non-spherical Optical Lenses of DeePoon E2 are made in Japan, they are clear and distortionless. 
DeePoon E2 Combines optical amplification technology and image anti-distortion technology together, with amazing 120ºFOV, it offers the most wonderful immersive experience.
Supports adjustable interpupillary distance between 54 ~ 74mm.
The mount was made of Sweden S136 steel, which is notable for its stability and quality.
All manufacturing processes were taken place in a dust free spraying workshop.
We use M color system (BMW6 Series), combined with Japanese Excellent Spray Technology to bring you the most attractive finish.

Cross-platform: compatible with 99.9% of various VR resources.

Independent DeePoon API for advanced users or programmers.
Easy to wear: The ergonomic design that is ideal for 16 types of face outlines, and it is fully adjustable.
DeePoon E2 is compatible with myopia range : 0 ~ 400º
Supports Head Tracking: Sensor, gravity accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer

Note: DeePoon E2 Virtual Reality Display Glasses should be used with some High-performance Computers & Notebooks:
Suggested Computer Configuration:
OS: Windows7 \ 8 (Note:DeePoon E2 does not support Apple Computers).
Memory: 2.0G and above
Graphics Card: Direct3D11

Best Computer Configuration: 
OS: Windows7 \ 8
Memory: 8.0G and above
Graphics card: Direct3D11


  • Head fixing: T Belt
  • Face foam: Replaceable
  • Compatible myopia range : 0-400º
  • Content platform: 3D BOBO
  • Sense of immersion: A+
  • Display screen: for Samsung AMOLED1080*1920
  • FPS: 75HZ
  • Pixel response time: <1ms
  • Field Of Visual: 120º
  • Physical interface: HDMI 1.4B Mini USB2.0
  • Head Tracking: Sensor, gravity accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
  • Color: Black 
  • Product Dimension: 20.0cm * 12.0cm * 11.0cm / 7.87 * 4.72 * 4.33in 
  • Product Net Weight: 608g / 21.47oz
  • Package Dimension: 24.2cm *19.3cm * 17.6cm / 9.52 * 7.48 * 6.92in 
  • Package Weight: 1345g / 47.4oz 

Package Contents: 
DeePoon E2 Virtual Reality Display Glasses (Comes with HDMI & USB 2 in 1 Cable) x1
Cleaning Cloth  x1
Detachable Head belt  x1