Space Capsule Pet Carrier Backpack

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  • Semi-sphere window.
  • Allows your pet to enjoy the scenery with you while sitting in the capsule comfortably.
  • 3 big holes on each side, allowing your pet to breathe.
  • Backpack ONLY; the cat and the girl are NOT INCLUDED

This is one of a kind mobile pet bed which is approved for most in cabin airplane carrier. It meets all USDA and IATA requirements (Please check airline restrictions before purchase). Not only that it has adjustable backpack straps and a handle that can be attached easily on a seat belt.  

Dimensions: 12"L x 11"W x 16"H. Diameter of semi-sphere: 5.9". Non-toxic materials: Cotton, ABS, PC, Polyester, EPE. Semi-sphere material: Acrylic. Hand-washable in warm water. 



DELIVERY & TRACKING: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Our products come from warehouses abroad and may take a time to arrive. You will then be provided with the tracking number via e-mail.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How will my cat be able to breathe in this bag? It looks like there are no holes!

ANS: There are three ventilation holes on each side on the bag if you can take a closer look at the photos. Your cat will be able to breathe normally in the bag. Additionally, there is a honeycomb air filter which you can replace the semi-sphere window for more air opening. So there won't be any issue of your cat suffocating inside the bag.


2. I'm not going to place my cat in the bag as it's HOT! Are you sure this is safe?

ANS: With the ventilation holes on the sides, there is enough air circulation to keep the insides of the bag cool. Plus the bag is made of breathable material. Unless you bring your cat to the sauna, your cat will not be toasted.

3. It looks very confined and there seems to be no space.

ANS: Please take a look at the dimensions carefully before you make a purchase. It's 13.6"L x 11.4"W x 16.5"H. Suitable for cats that weigh up to 16 pounds. For normal sized cats, there is ample space to move around in the bag. Plus there is a mesh cushion which they can rest inside.

4. It's so CRUEL to put your cat in the bag. If you want to bring them out for an adventure, bring them out in the open!

ANS: This is a personal opinion and a wrong perspective of why this invention was made. Not all cats are active enough to let you leash them and take a stroll. I have a cat myself and I know how tough it is to bring her out to play. The purpose of this invention is to allow your cat to stay comfortably in the bag without walking and admire the scenery with you. AND when it's time to rest, you can open the semi-sphere window for it to come out and play in the open! You don't necessarily confine them all the time. In addition, this bag is approved for most airplane carriers. I'm sure a lot of you want to bring their cat for vacation and let them travel around the countries with you. This will be a perfect bag for you to bring them along.